The Proud Hornets are at Wembley with other LGBT fan groups for a reception and debate with the FA about LGBTI issues in football. A very strong a positive opening speech from the head of the FA Greg Clarke.

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FA Chairman Greg Clarke gave an introductory speech at the LGBT History Month reception evening at Wembley Stadium:

“Good evening and thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak with you and answer your questions.

“In January of this year I announced fundamental changes within The FA that will accelerate inclusion.

“‘For All’ is an empty slogan unless the game is played, managed and administered by people of all ethnicities, faiths, ages, genders, gender alignments or sexual orientation. My fundamental belief is the game is for everyone.

“I am particularly proud of the work done by a number of organisations on wider inclusion of LGBT people and tacking homophobia, transphobia and bi-phobia. The purpose of this evening is to thank you for the work you are doing.

“We saw this last November in widespread support for Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign. Martin Glenn and I were proud to be pictured wearing Rainbow badges at the World Cup draw in Moscow.

“I went to the Stonewall LGBT conference in Manchester last year and went to see Stonewall FC play in Barnes and enjoyed a beer in the local pub with them to learn more about their club. Fan’s organisations such as the Gay Gooners and Proud Lilywhites exemplify inclusion on the terraces. At The FA we aspire to be an employer of choice for the LGBT community.

“I’d like to thank Pride in Football with 35 affiliated fan groups in the professional game.

You can read the full speech here.