At the clubs’ Fans Forums in March this year, we were introduced to Roy Moore the founder of the 1881 Movement. Early in the summer, we were invited to again talk to both Roy and the club and together hatch an ambitious plan, at that point, we didn’t have any idea what was about to happen or how big it was to become. The plan? Well that part sounds simple, it was to create a huge rainbow mosaic across the entire Rookery stand, the hard part would involve the rolling of around 7000 pieces of coloured card.

It took 10 of us a number of weeks, plenty of rubber bands and a number of papercuts but we managed to get through the work alongside the 1881 in their bunker and the night before the display we started laying out the display by placing the cards into the seats following the design template.

That was when the nerves began…

So, there we were, some of the group stood at the foot of the Rookery waiting to lead the display and me in the Elton John Stand waiting to take it all in. One year of hard work with the Proud Hornets, hours of rolling thousands of pieces of paper up had led up to this day. Would I see a giant rainbow flag in front of me? With 5 minutes to go, the stand was half empty, 3 minutes… still nowhere near full… with 2 minutes to go it began filling up slowly and then with barely 1 minute left we suddenly had a full stand. All I hoped now was that people would hold them up and as Z Cars began the announcement “Rookery, please hold up your cards” and it happened the Watford crowd had done us proud just like we expected they would!

My reaction on the Premier League video was genuine. Total relief washed over me as what felt like a year of the groups’ hard work had all come together in a beautiful giant rainbow! Even at that point, we didn’t realise just how big this display would become globally or how many people it would touch and inspire as we’ve had press from all over the world wanting to do interviews.